Child Enrichment Center (CEC)

We are searching for a new Director!
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Child Enrichment Center Director 

The Kathleen Baptist Church Child Enrichment Center Committee is
seeking a full-time Director to lead our community ministry at the
Child Enrichment Center (CEC).
Job Summary:
The CEC director has overall responsibility for all ministry operations (i.e. center appearance, educational curriculum, health and safety of students and staff, ministry and educational service to both students and parents along with enrollment for both the preschool and after school programs). The ideal candidate will be a Christian leader that promotes a positive Christian image in our community while ensuring the best educational and nurturing Christian environment for our students and their families.
CEC Director Position Responsibilities:
1. Develop and implement educational programs and employee operating policies. 2. Plan, develop, schedule and/or provide in-service training and performance evaluations of the staff. 3. Ensure that the staff conforms to federal, state and local rules, regulations and licensing requirements while applying biblical standards. 4. Recruit and schedule children for the appropriate programs while maintaining accurate records of attendance, immunization and program registration. Also, maintain appropriate files and waiting lists. 5. Confer with parents on a regular on-going basis to discuss the development of their enrolled children. 6. Maintain public relations with parents, prospective student families and local businesses within our community. 7. Prepare and maintain administrative and business reports of the child enrichment center; record all fee payments; late bill payment and initiate follow-up actions when necessary; review income and expense, statistical and budget status reports to develop and maintain a sound Christian based ministry. 8. Train and develop center staff in preparing a Christian based curriculum and presenting early childhood programs and activities; direct special activities such as off-campus field trips and enrichment programs assistants. 9. Ensure that problems encountered by the staff are resolved in a timely manner; high Christian standards are consistently met; policies and/or procedures are appropriately followed. 10. Be thoroughly familiar with the Florida Department of Children and Families Standards and the Florida Department of Education Standards along with their implementation. 11. Attend weekly church staff meetings. Coordinate/schedule the use of the church facilities and vans with the church liaison (Educational Pastor).
Job Requirements:
1. Currently possess or willing to obtain within the first 6 months of employment both a State of Florida approved CDA credential and a Director’s credential certificate. Should an acceptable candidate apply without these credentials but a willingness to obtain them, the Child Enrichment Center shall reimburse all expenses incurred by the candidate after the proper credentials are obtained by the candidate. 2. It is preferred that the candidate have a bachelor’s degree (preferably in the education field). 3. Must be able to successfully pass extensive child protective services and criminal background checks. 4. Must possess or able to obtain a CPR and First Aid certification. 5. Computer literate in Microsoft and Quickbooks applications. 6. Good writing and interpersonal skills. 7. Ability to concentrate on numerous tasks at the same time (multi-tasker). 8. Ability to meet deadlines. 9. Have a professional demeanor and comfortable with public speaking.