The ministries at Kathleen Baptist are here to serve the community, people in the church, and to reach across our country and the world to share Christ with others. The ultimate goal of each ministry is sharing Christ in a specific way.
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Lending a Helping Hand 

  In this section, you will read about many of the ministries that we offer at KBC.  We have new ministries starting all of the time, so be sure to continue to stay connected and involved.  Part of the church is about serving and we want to plug you in to the best suited ministry possible!  If you see something that you might have an interest in, then please contact the ministry team leader or the church office for more details. 

Nursery Ministry  

The Nursery Ministry is made up of loving and caring individuals who want to see the best for the babies and toddlers at KBC.  The volunteers for this ministry are on a rotating schedule, allowing them to serve yet still attend church regularly.  To be involved in this ministry, you must be a member of the church and pass a background check.

Social Media Ministry  

Social media enables sharing, connection and community for individuals separated by distances, borders and even cultures. The KBC Social Media Ministry enables the spread of God’s love, truth, and Kingdom community to people and places long separated from them.  

Another goal of our social media is to reach out to the community by promoting services, events, and special occasions through social media.  This is a relatively new ministry that we are trying to grow with other interested individuals.

Usher Ministry

The role of a KBC church usher is to help  first time guests, repeat visitors, and members experience a joyful and worshipful service.

Ushers, like greeters, will be the first person that people encounter as they enter the church.  Ushers should attempt to provide a warm, welcoming atmosphere for attendees with the goal of people sensing the “touch of family” at KBC. 

Saftey Team Ministry

The Safety Team was created to offer protection and safety for the church, pastors, and members of KBC  from any and all threats and suspicious activity.  We use the passage from Ezekiel 33:6 as our guidelines and foundation, “But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet and the people are not warned, and a sword comes and takes a person from them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require 

from the watchman’s hand.”

General Hospitality Ministry

Kathleen Baptist Greeters provide a warm, welcoming atmosphere for all church goers and guests.  Greeters help your first time guests, repeat visitors, and members experience a joyful and worshipful service.

Do you need information about our service?  A Greeter will provide to you bulletins, social media and Wi-Fi access, and any other information you might need.  Our KBC Greeters will also assist parents who need to find the right location for their child; whether it be children’s church or nursery, a Greeter will accompany you to make sure your child attends the correct class without any confusion.


Evangelism Ministry

The Evangelism Ministry’s chief goal is to win souls to Christ!  At Kathleen Baptist, we strive to find creative ways to go beyond the walls of Kathleen Baptist to share Christ with others.  From mission trips across the world to reaching the lost in the greater Kathleen area, KBC has a great need for people willing to serve and fulfill the great commission.  Events like the fall Festival, the back yard Bible clubs, neighborhood outreach, Mission Culture and one-on-one outreach all need as much participation as possible.  Get involved today to see our community changed for the Kingdom and seeing the lost saved!

Senior Adult Ministry

The Senior Adult Ministry is a ministry focusing on our Senior Adults at KBC for ages 55 plus.  We have Sunday School Classes for all ages including couples classes, men’s classes, and ladies classes.

The 1st Thursday of each month we have a great time of Christian fellowship with a covered dish supper in the Fellowship Hall at 6:00.  Following our delicious supper, we have a program or games.  Periodically, we will go on a day trip, normally charting a bus for transportation.  We plan overnight trips during the year and go on at least one extended trip during the year.

OASIS Ministry  

The OASIS Ministry is a ministry for the Homebound, Nursing Home, and Shut-ins to know they have not been forgotten even though they are unable to fellowship with their brothers and sisters in Christ in our services at KBC.

We really receive a GREAT blessing visiting with these beautiful people.  We want to give them a blessing by our visits; however, we receive a blessing from them with their words of encouragement and the appreciation they always give us when visiting with them.  They are so eager for someone to hold their hand and have a special prayer letting them know they are loved and not forgotten.

OASIS also ministers to others outside of KBC when we are contacted.  He/she may be a relative, neighbor,  or friend of someone in KBC.

Wednesday Night Supper Ministry

Wednesday Night Supper at Kathleen Baptist Church offers a night off for family cooks and opportunity for fellowship, followed by church ministries for  the whole family.

Deacon Ministry

Deacons are to be the spiritual servants of the church; to focus on the needs of the congregation and participate with a servant spirit in corporate worship. Their job is to bring spiritual comfort and to minister to others.

At Kathleen Baptist Church you will see your deacons visiting and praying for our homebound, hospitalized, and others in need.  You will find our deacons serving in other ministries of the church as teachers, on committees, or serving the Lord’s Supper to a homebound member. Deacons are also called upon to evaluate and recommend major matters to be brought to the entire congregation for vote.  But most of all, the Kathleen Baptist Deacons are here to serve you;

the Body of Christ!


Thank You for Your Dedication

We appreciate your willingness to help others at our church!
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