Thank you for your interest in serving alongside of us to help reach our world for Christ.
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It doesn’t matter whether you have lots of time to volunteer each week or only a few hours every once in a while.  We trust God will use you to make an impact only you can make!
Get connected with the ministry you are most interested in serving with by reaching out to the church office at 863-858-3836. 
If you are interested in serving in Preschool, KBC Kids, Middle or High School,
a background check will be required.

The door to serving Jesus is always open. Help our church and your community by volunteering!

We can help you  spread the good news of Christ, learn more about our missions and where we are going next! 

serving through missionary work 


It is our desire that every believer at KBC live a “missional” life. We want you “on mission” in your home, neighborhood, school, workplace, community, state, nation and your world. The day you came to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, He changed you! Life no longer is about you. It is about others! We want His desire to be yours…..”that all come to repentance and have a knowledge of the truth.” Our missions office is here to help you pray, learn, give, and go so that others without Christ might come to know him.
We have many opportunities throughout the year for you to embrace and engage our community both locally and globally.  As these events and trips approach more information will be on this site.  We encourage all believers to live a “life on mission” in the area where God has placed you. 
 For more information on missions trips, please reach out to the church
office at 863-858-3836. 

our church

Mission Opportunities

KBC is looking to “feed our community”.  Beginning Friday, November 20th, people in need for food can visit the church from 9am – 11am, receive a box of food, have a time of prayer for their needs, and learn about Christ.  Other future dates for the food ministry will be December 18th and once a month in 2021.

Kathleen Baptist Church has adopted Kathleen Elementary School.  The desire for this ministry is to meet the needs of the KES Students and to offer love, support, and care to faculty and staff.

Be sure to visit this page often to learn more about future mission opportunites.

We can change lives and live out Christ’s mission by helping others know Him. 

Pray For Those Who Serve

Many Missionaries are unable to openly say they are missionaries. Pray for their protection and for the work they are doing for the Kingdom of God!
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