Wednesday Bible Study notes


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Wednesday Night Bible Study Notes

Click the notes for our Wednesday Night Bible Study below. Below are the recordings from our Bible Study.

God Met Israel At Mount Sinai (Exodus 19)

The Ten Commandments (Exodus 20)

Laws on Social Justice (Exodus 21)

Restitution and Social Justice (Exodus 22)

Law & The Canaan Conquest (Exodus 23)

God's Covenant (Exodus 24)

The Tabernacle (Exodus 25)

The Tabernacle Tent (Exodus 26)

Bronze Altar, Courtyard, Lamp (Exodus 27)

The Priest's Garments (Exodus 28

The Priest's Consecration (Exodus 29)

The Tabernacle's Insturments (Exodus 30)

The Golden Calf (Exodus 32)  

The Golden Calf Cont... (Exodus 32)

God's Command to Leave Sinai (Exodus 33)

Renewal of The Covenant (Exodus 34)

Building The Tabernacle (Exodus 35)

Book Introduction & Burnt Offerings (Leviticus 1)

Life &Worship (Leviticus 2)

Life & Worship (Leviticus 3)

Life & Worship (Leviticus 4)

Life& Worship (Leviticus 5)

Worship & The Priesthood (Leviticus 6)

Worship & The Priesthood (Leviticu7)

Consecration & The Ordination (Leviticus 8)

Aaron's Offering (Leviticus 9)

Obedience to God (Leviticus 10)

Clean & Unclean Animals (Leviticus 11)

Purification After Birth (Leviticus 12)

Laws About Leprosy (Leviticus 13)

Laws for Cleansing Lepers (Leviticus 14)

Laws About Bodily Discharge (Leviticus 15)

The Day of Atonement (Leviticus 16)

Animal Sacrifice & Blood (Leviticus 17)

Forbidden Sexual Relations (Leviticus 18)

Miscellaneous Laws (Leviticus 19)

Punishments for Various Sins (Leviticus 20)

The Priest's Special Holiness (Leviticus 21)

The Priesthood's Cleanliness (Leviticus 22)

The Feast of the LORD (Leviticus 23)

Lamp, Bread, & Blasphemy (Leviticus 24)

Laws of The Land (Leviticus 25)

Warnings Against Apostasy (Leviticus 26)

Laws About Vows (Leviticus 27)