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This city was one of the major urban centers of the ancient Mediterranean world.  It was a Greek city.  It had been a Roman colony for about a century, when Paul wrote this letter.  Greek and Latin cultures coexisted, and, sometimes, clashed here.  Corinth was known for its prosperity.  It was  plagued with cultism, the worship of Roman gods, paganism, & sexual immorality.  

This was the backdrop for the context of First Corinthians.  The young and struggling Corinthian church needed help, guidance, and godly wisdom. God used the apostle Paul to disciple, teach, and guide this church.  In doing so, Paul used tough love to make the church aware of how it was moving away from God.

Spiritual Gifts

This series will focus on Paul's first letter to the Corinthian church.  Specifically, we will carefully study chapters 12 - 14.  In these chapters, we will see how easy it is for Christians to take our eyes off of God.  Many in this young church wanted to sensationalize God's spiritual gifts to bring importance to themselves.  Many Christians were making the mistake of seeking self-edification instead of desiring to glorify God.  It is a trap we must all be wary of.  This series will be enlightening, insightful, and dynamic in helping believers understand one basic truth. Namely, Christianity is not about me.  Rather, Christianity is about God.  He created spiritual gifts.  The gifts purposes are to unite the church, strengthen it, minister to God and other Christians.  These gifts also  enable the church to present the gospel more effectively. When used properly, spiritual gifts will always glorify God.

This struggle is real for every Christian.  This is a series that will answer a lot of questions, and deal with common misconceptions, surrounding spiritual gifts.  

Join us.  We will begin this new journey of discovery on February 27, 2022.