Sunday - 9:15AM Life Groups, 10:30AM Worship Service | WEDNESDAY NIGHT BIBLE STUDY 6PM- 7:15PM

Jesus is a master teacher.  Every word was precise.  Powerful.  Eloquent.  Purposeful.  Without a doubt, life altering.  When one applies what Jesus teaches, God will change his life forever.  In the new series, the "I Am" sayings of Jesus Christ, the Savior provides seven key descriptors about Himself.  Each illustration provides keen insight into one's ability to properly understanding who the Messiah is.  

Join us.  This series begins in January and ends in March.  There is much to learn.  There is much to understand.  This amazing journey is given to us in the New Testament book of John.  Each week we will discover more and more about who Jesus is and what He wants to accomplish in our lives.  

You do not want to miss this opportunity to see Jesus Christ in ways you never have before.  I will see you in the worship center at 1030 on Sunday morning.  Don't be late.  You do not want to miss one nugget of truth.